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Posted 23rd Dec, 2015

by Ace Communications

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2015 was a challenging year for our community and across this great country of ours; we saw lots of consolidation, upsizing, downsizing and overall churn and uncertainty. But, 2015 was also an inspiring year for NABS. This year, NABS is on track to impact over 1500 people in our industry with initiatives such as:

  • Prospering Under Pressure workshops to over 80 people, helping them to manage stressful work and lives, that received rave reviews. People left the workshops with a tool kit of ideas to help them move forward.
  • Power Up Your Personal Brand, Interviewing, Networking and Visioning workshops, to help the people in our industry impacted by layoffs and restructuring find new opportunities.
  • RIPE is a new program to help people in our industry 45+ that find themselves unemployed or at a career crossroads. RIPE is the brainchild of Julia Moulden, a respected author, who helped 11 key people from our industry “re-wire vs. retire”
  • We enhanced our LifeSpeakonline digital downloadable library of videos and tips (it is accessible through nabs.org without a password). Optimal Living is a very popular volume we welcome you to check out!
  • We’ve worked with our clinical partner Shepell to provide people access to professional counselling and specialized mental health services this year.
  • We have provided much need financial counselling and financial support to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

We’ve personally been impacted by industry angels who emerge without warning, to help us when our team is stretched, showing us their kindness, generosity, and keen desire to help NABS. We hope you can be one as well: Donate today to help us keep running these important programs. NABS is very excited and hopeful as we look toward 2016, and we are bursting with ideas to help our industry and the people in it reach their goals and a host of other services and programming for industry members. We can’t do it without your generous donations though.

For those of you in need during this time of year, we are a phone call away at 888-355-5548, and are poised and ready to help. People who call NABS tell us every day that they are glad they did, and if you could use a hand up (this holiday season or any other time of the year) please make the call and find out all the ways we can help!

On behalf of NABS Board of Directors and the team, I offer the following to you:

In this season of festivals, miracles and lights, NABS sends a heartfelt thank you and the best for this special season to everyone!

Louise Bérubé
Director, Allocations and Services

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