Introducing The ACE Board 2014/2015

Posted 23rd May, 2014

by Darren Tonn

Thank you to everyone for coming out to vote at our AGM on Wednesday. It was great to hear reports on what went on the past year and then hearing from all the brave candidates. Thank you to all the people that put their names forward for the 2014/2015 board.

ACE members have elected Dana DiTomaso (Kick Point) as Vice-President, along with 3 brand new Board Members:

  • Laurie Kellough (DDB)
  • Puneeta Sandhu McBryan (Incite)
  • Chelsea Rho (Starburst)

I’m excited for the upcoming year and look forward to take on the role of president. I can’t wait to work with the new board members and the returning members: Michael Brechtel (Past President), Jordan Mair, Sarah Jackson, Claire Devaney, Julian Faid, Amber Madarash, Paul Letourneau, and Ben Archer.

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