Posted/Last Revised: 10th Oct, 2017


Job Description

If you love technology, food, and retail, and you have a track record of experience in each of these sectors, this job is for you.

You will be in charge of strategic planning, management of resource allocation, and planning to generate new partnerships and projects. You will nurture relationships with current and prospective customers, and provide communication tools to delight our clients.

Responsibilities include:

1. Relationship building

  • Identify and build on positive and lasting relationships in our industry.
  • Build opportunities to better understand, engage, and exchange ideas with our partners and future clients.
  • Put trust and integrity first in all of your activities.

2. Strategic Planning:

  • Allocate resources and identify opportunities for expansion of our services, client base, database, and support activities towards global sales.
  • Develop reporting and tracking methods for measuring key performance targets.

3. Building Market Intelligence:

  • Coordinating and conducting targeted market research to identify key markets, entry points, and opportunities. This may be done via direct outreach, interviews, and internet search.
  • Coordinate and contribute to research projects including the development of white papers, impact analyses, research on consumer preferences.

4. Marketing and Sales Process Development:

  • Support market expansion and development through outbound sales processes and tools, including use of a CRM, developing communications, and identifying new channels to communicate to stakeholders.


  1. Bachelor degree in a related field (equivalent work experience will be considered)
  2. Proven strengths, skills, and/or experience in business commercialization.
  3. Excellent communicator and creative thinker, with an ability to use data to inform all decisions.
  4. Past experience producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  5. Past experience building audiences either online or offline.
  6. Past experience supporting and managing a business team.
  7. Expertise using customer relationship management tools and business automation.

Bonus skills: Basic understanding of HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Suite/Graphic Design/Public Relations/Brand strategy.


  • Edmonton

Additional Information


Localize is an award-winning company that brings better information about where food has come from to shoppers. We provide our label service to over 250 grocery stores across Canada. We have a distributed team located in Edmonton, Denver, and Toronto.

Localize won the Fast Growth Grand Prize in 2014 at the Venture Prize awards in Alberta, the Good Deals Canada award in 2013 as best social business case, and our CEO – Meghan Dear was honored with a Star Women in Grocery Award. We recently won the 2016 National Angel Capital Organization award for Most Promising Startup and a Best For the World Honor from B Corp International for our alignment to mission, community impact, and changemaking in the food sector.

We’re a collaborative, easygoing, and motivated team. We make educated decisions quickly and know we can count on each other. We feel good about the work we’re doing every day, share in our successes, and learn from things that don’t go as planned. We are a tight-knit team that enjoy each other’s company and are really into local food and businesses.

Who you are

Are you an all-round sales and client generalist who is just as excited by operations as you are about working with clients to build new projects? Localize is hiring a General Operations Manager, a position which will focus on both internal and external operational support and leadership.

You are excellent at planning, prioritizing, and turning plans into actions. You are extremely self-motivated, a team-player, and never afraid to ask questions. You work well with others, especially external stakeholders. You place integrity at the forefront of all of your interactions, especially with our clients.

You have:

A passion for the food industry – this passion and keen understanding of the reality of food production and manufacturing drives you to want to work with Localize and make positive change and to offer tangible solutions through our offering.

An opportunistic outlook – the drive to constantly look for how to do things more effectively, and the willingness to test out those ideas, learning and improving as you go

Internal leadership – the willingness and desire to step up when there’s something to be done and take it on, even when it feels outside of your comfort zone

Attention to detail and results – You use data to help you track your work and identify what’s working and what needs to change.

Strong writing and communication skills – you can synthesize big ideas into clear messages. Your writing is creative, yet clear, and gets results.

Application Requirements

  • Please include a covering letter.
  • Please submit a resume.