Drupal Front-End Developer

Posted/Last Revised: 11th Jun, 2017

  • Company/Organization
  • Yellow Pencil
  • Website
  • http://www.yellowpencil.com
  • Location
  • Vancouver
  • Salary
  • Negotiable
  • Educational Req.
  • Good on paper

    • A degree or diploma in computer science or a related field; or Drupal Acquia Certification
    • 2–5 years experience working with Drupal or other open-source content management systems.
    • Experience communicating with clients one-on-one, in groups, and in writing
    • You should know a lot about: Drupal, HTML, CSS, Twig
    • You should know a little bit about: PHP, JavaScript
    • You should love and respect WC3 standards
    • You should have excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving capabilities
    • You have some experience with Git or other version control systems

    But hey, if your background doesn’t quite match up with this list, but you know you’ll be a perfect fit – tell us why. We’ll listen.

  • Contact Name
  • Danielle Harder
  • Contact Phone
  • (780) 423-5917
  • Contact Email
  • danielle@yellowpencil.com
  • Closing Date
  • Aug. 15, 2017


Your job-to-be

We’re looking for a full-time Drupal Front-End Developer.

We need an agile Drupal front-end developer that can use web technologies, along with a strong understanding of user experience, to solve big content problems. You’ll work closely with our design team to build out big systems that focus on efficiency and ease of use. You’ll use web standards and best practice (and some old fashioned vim and vigor) to create elegant code and engaging interfaces.

We’re not going to tell you what to do – we’re counting on you to figure out the real problem and how to solve it. We need someone that’s not afraid to ask questions or pipe up with new ideas. We want you to be ready, willing, and excited. You’ll need to be fluent in Drupal-ese, understanding what content types, views, templates, features, and modules (and how to configure them) all mean. You’ll have to be comfortable writing your own template files using a combination of HTML, CSS, and Twig. As well as using our Git workflow to push things through to multiple environments.

Your responsibilities

  • Build out Drupal content types, displays, views, blocks, and configure modules for complex sites
  • Work on various Drupal versions across different projects (mostly Drupal 7 and 8)
  • Work closely with our design team to collaborate on a clear vision for our clients
  • Translate wireframes and style guides into Drupal templates and entities
  • Work with a wide range of web services to display static and dynamic content
  • Build and document easy-to-use content author interfaces
  • Collaborate with the rest of the development team to solve problems and make things better
  • Find better ways to deliver projects all the time
  • Work with content authors and clients to make their tasks easier so they can create better content

The thanks you’ll get

  • Competitive compensation rates
  • Feedback based on regular 1:1s, 3-month and annual touchpoints with Leadership
  • Medical, dental, and extended health benefits
  • Annual health spending account
  • Monthly fitness subsidy
  • Annual education allowance


As our next Drupal Developer, you’ll be joining our Vancouver, BC team.

Who you are

We care about our culture here at YP. Your personality is just as important to us as your qualifications. We’re looking for somebody who is:

Interested and motivated

Our industry is changing every second. We need you to be ready, willing, and excited to keep up with it.

Already awesome, but ready to be awesomer

Be ready to get your hands dirty (not with actual dirt. Intellectual dirt). We won’t tell you what to do, we’ll collaborate with you to discover the best way to do it.

Always trying to get better

Training and development is a huge part of our values. We want you to be good at what you do, but we also want you to look for ways to get even better.

Ready to make an impact

The best part of Yellow Pencil? Anyone can help change how the company works. Got a better idea? Shout it out. Thought of something new? Make it happen.

Who we are

Yellow Pencil is a full-service web design agency based out of Vancouver. We work on big content problems for big (and big-ish) organizations.

Our mission

We make our clients great at web content and digital services; we do it by giving them effective tools and empowering them with the right skills.

Our values

  • We work as a team
  • We keep improving
  • We respect and encourage ideas

Working at Yellow Pencil means:

  • A constant commitment to learning and growth
  • Delivering the highest quality work possible on every project
  • A people-first workplace. We want you to love being here as much as we do
  • Work/life balance. We like that people have lives outside of the office
  • A team of great people that love each other (just not in “that” way)
  • An endless supply of fruit and snacks, and the occasional high five

So apply now!

Send your resume and cover letter and tell us why you’re awesome.