3 Reasons You Should Sign Up for Agency Tours

Posted 28th Jan, 2017

by Ace Communications

(But – don’t just take my word for it)


A part of my role as the Student and Membership Liaison for ACE is to visit classrooms at NAIT, the University of Alberta, MacEwan University and various student marketing and design clubs. At this point, you’re probably sick of hearing from me about how networking and more networking is so important. Many of you have joined and experienced this first-hand; some maybe haven’t.

I wanted to change things up by sharing a different perspective with you: a former ACE student’s perspective who – spoiler alert – landed a sweet gig in the industry at a reputable digital marketing agency. Exactly a year ago, she was in your shoes, deciding which agency tour to attend. Last week I sat down with former NAIT student, and intern turned account coordinator at Top Draw Inc., Jill, to talk about her experience during our agency tours. Here are three reasons why you should sign up:

  1. You’ll get to see the day-to-day of new and seasoned industry professionals, in real life: “Everyone has a different answer to the question, ‘what is your day-to-day like?’ Agency tours really confirmed for me that I was on the right track.”
  2. You’ll get a sneak peek into the mystery of “agency life” and culture: agency culture is fast paced, once you set foot in an agency, you see this first-hand. “It’s performance based and always changing. That’s how I knew advertising was where I wanted to be.”
  3. You’ll likely get to do something interactive, get treated to fresh-baked pretzels or leave with a t-shirt: Agency Tours aren’t just all business. “Berlin had us do an interactive activity with historic ad campaigns. At Calder Bateman, we got to see up close what was involved in the Pride Tape campaign. That was pretty cool.”

Sounds fun, right? Take it from Jill and I: and don’t miss out! Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/2017-ace-student-agency-tours-tickets-31310749294

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