The Board of the Ad Club of Edmonton is made up of 12 positions. Every spring, the Club holds an AGM where the new board is elected. Three of these positions are President, Vice President and Past President; the remaining nine positions are directors of the board. Being a Board Member for the Ad Club of Edmonton entails varying responsibilities depending on which portfolio you have responsibility for.

It’s the responsibility of the incoming President of the Club to assign portfolios to the new directors. Often, individuals will run for the Board with a portfolio in mind. Typically, the President tries to accommodate the matching of Board Director interest to a specific portfolio.

Being an ACE Board Member is a two-year commitment (except for the VP position that is a three-year term including President and Past President). The portfolio assigned to each Board Member may or may not change for the second year of their term.

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All members of the Board of Directors have individual tasks, but all board members must:

    • Attend all board meetings or provide a report to be presented in their absence
    • Attend as many ACE functions as possible
    • Contribute their opinions for the betterment of the Club
    • Fulfil the specific duties of their portfolio
    • Establish and maintain key relationships based on their portfolio
    • Keep organized records of the years’ work to pass along to the next Board Members taking over the portfolio
    • Attend the annual AGM and report on their portfolio’s accomplishments

NOTE: The board roles below are not mutualy exclusive; often, one board member takes on two portfolios, or two board members share one portfolio. The President makes decisions on board portfolio assignments based on the needs for the year.


    • Appoint roles for each director
    • Work with each Director to execute Club mandate, assignments, etc.
    • Chair ACE Board meetings
    • Is an ex officio member of all sub-committees with the exception of the Fellowship Award nominating committee
    • Promote the Edmonton advertising industry to the business community
    • Act as a main point of contact for many partnerships including with other industry associations (e.g, local chapter of GDC, Calgary’s Ad Rodeo, etc.), NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society), and local post secondary institutions (MacEwen, NAIT, University of Alberta)
    • Act as official spokesperson for ACE
    • Works with Communication Chair to develop general ACE content for the website (e.g., overview of club, club history, board roles, etc.)
    • Signatory for all resolutions, along with other Board members
    • Keep an updated document of all relevant happenings throughout the year that can be passed down to the next President
    • Sits as Past President for an additional year once presidency is completed


    • Sits as advisor on sub-committees as required
    • Perform duties of the President in the absence of President
    • Recruit nominees for election to the Board of Directors prior to the AGM
    • Observe and learn roles of each portfolio in order to prepare for Presidency
    • Assist directors to execute Club mandate, assignments, etc.
    • Sets the agenda for board meetings
    • Oversees Office Administrator position and assigns tasks as required
    • Upon completion of Vice-Presidency, sit for one year as President followed by one year as Past President


    • Supervises and approves the finances for the Club
    • Reviews and approves budgets submitted by Board members
    • Prepares and sends invoices (with the assistance of the Board Office Administrator)
    • Processes payments of expenses and deposits cheques (with the assistance of the Board Office Administrator)
    • Reports to Board on monthly financial statement and delivers year-end financial report at AGM
    • Checks Club post office box on a regular basis (with the assistance of the Board Office Administrator)
    • Files Society Annual Return with Alberta Registries (with the assistance of the Board’s lawyers)
    • Submits all necessary documentation with insurer(s)
    • Processes financial transactions for membership and student membership applications, along with Membership and Student Liaison Chair
    • Liaises with other portfolios as needed
    • Pays annual GST payments to Canada Revenue Agency
    • Meets quarterly with bookkeeper to exchange bank statement and copies of all invoices/receipts and related documents
    • Files annual tax return
    • Coordinates annual audit (review engagement – not a full audit)
    • Processes all payments in a timely fashion
    • Manages and maintains website payments
    • Keeps Board accountable for spending by ensuring budgets are maintained


    • Promotes the ACE profile in the community and promotes Club events
    • Manages ACE website and works with President and various Chairs to create content
    • Sends out regular emails to membership
    • Updates and monitors ACE Facebook page
    • Updates and monitors ACE Twitter feed
    • Updates and monitors ACE LinkedIn page
    • Writes media releases (coordinating with other Chairs as needed)
    • Liaises with Membership Chair and other Chairs as needed
    • Coordinates website updates/ rebuilds/ etc.
    • Budget control of all communication related activities


    • Oversees the ACE Awards committee and entire event, including Call for Entries, Marketing/PR, Food/Decor, VIP Reception, Judging, Volunteers, Ticket Sales and Budget
    • Works closely with Sponsorship, ACE on Display/Ad Auction and other portfolios to execute event and related activities
    • Creates content for and is responsible for ACE Awards section of ACE website
    • Creates content for and is responsible for ACE Awards stand-alone site
    • Acts as official spokesperson for the ACE Awards
    • Liaises with other Chairs as needed


    • Solicit and control all sponsorship related activities for ACE Awards, Ad Auction, ACE After Hours, ChristmACE Party, golf tournament, etc
    • Works with ACE Awards Chair to establish sponsorship budget for ACE Awards
    • Ensures ACE Awards sponsorship budget is met in a timely manner  by re-signing sponsors from previous years and soliciting new sponsors
    • Updates the ACE Awards sponsorship packages (with approval from the board)
    • Creates content and is responsible for Sponsorship section of the ACE website
    • Liaises with other Chairs as needed


    • Liaises with ACE Awards, Sponsorship and other Chairs as necessary
    • Recruits and chairs volunteers organizing committees for each event
    • Plans and executes all aspects of both events, including budget control
    • Acts as official spokesperson for the Ad Auction
    • Creates content for the and is responsible for Ad Auction section of ACE website


    • Supervises and promotes professional development and social activities including: ACE Golf Tournament, ACE After Hours, Cultivate Speaker Series, ChristmACE Party, Ad Week events (ACE After Hours Roundtable, etc.), ACE Awards Judges Breakfast, ACE Annual General Meeting.
    • Plans, executes and attends all ACE events
    • Establishes, follows and reconciles budgets for each event
    • Coordinates event ticket sales
    • Posts events to Eventbrite
    • Liaises with Communication and Membership Chairs for event communications
    • Creates content for and is responsible for Programming (Events) section of ACE website.
    • Works with Treasurer to administer related payments


    • Promotes ACE to post secondary institutions
    • Creates outline for presentations to relevant programs and classes within post secondary institutions and presents with help from other Board Members
    • Coordinates the Student Workshop program, Speed Mentoring Night and Student Agency Tours
    • Oversees and coordinates ACE Awards Student Component
    • Champions student membership recruitment
    • Stays in touch with post secondary instructors and educators
    • Acts as Board connection to student ACE volunteer and PD opportunities
    • Creates content for and is responsible for Student Membership section of the ACE website
    • Champions member recruitment and fields questions from members regarding membership accounts and/or club interest
    • Updates and oversees membership database
    • Promotes membership at Club events and through various communications channels in coordination with the Communications Chair


    • Attend all board meetings
    • Provides advice to the Board
    • Coordinate selection of recipient of Fellowship Award with other Past Presidents