ACE AGM 2015

Posted 11th May, 2015

by Dana DiTomaso

Has it been (almost) a year already? Another busy year for ACE has breezed by and it’s time for us to hold our AGM. We have an exceptional list of candidates for the ACE board and we’re all excited about what 2015-2016 will hold.

As the incoming President, I want ACE to work on reaching out to our membership and to the community at large. We’re conducting a member survey thanks to the hard work of Laurie Kellough and Puneeta Sandhu McBryan, and I hope you’ll take the time to fill it out. If you’re not a member, please get in touch and let us know how ACE can help you. I’d like to reach out to people involved in marketing & advertising who have never joined ACE, or were members but left. Additionally, educating the Edmonton public about the great work that happens right here in Edmonton is an important function of ACE that I’d like to expand on in the upcoming year.


Here are the people who have expressed their interest in joining the board next year:

For Vice President:

  • Jordan Mair (Calder Bateman)

For Board Positions (6 openings):

  • Melanie Mok (Berlin)
  • Kim Prosser (RED The Agency)
  • Michael Donovan (DONOVAN Communications)
  • Kassia Haynes (Strong Coffee Marketing)
  • Joseph Di Fabio (ZGM)
  • Alycia Williamson (Calder Bateman)


If you haven’t registered for the AGM make sure to do that.

If you can’t make it, please consider voting via proxy. The proxy form can be found here. You can send your completed proxy form along with another member, or email it to

See you Wednesday, May 13.


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