Posted 09th Oct, 2012

by Andrew Savchyn

by Pamella Heikel

Summer is officially over! I declare this every year after the Autumn Equinox regardless of the weather. I also try to wear open toe shoes as long as possible. This year poses no problems! I love autumn in Edmonton. What I also love about autumn is getting back to business, or rather, connecting and networking with colleagues.

This year was a bit different. I didn’t experience that lull that I usually feel from mid July to late August. In fact, I didn’t feel any real change of pace. My calendar was kept full. Usually it’s hard to connect during the summer. Everyone is taking time off to travel, spend with their family, or work on projects that require some private time.

Come September it seems like a mad rush to catch up on correspondence, book meetings,RSVP to events and catch up. It’s important to stay connected, within reason, to your clients and network.

Why didn’t I experience the usual dip in the summer? Why was my calendar bursting at the seams?

ACE, that’s why! I believe that being part of an industry group that is very closely connected and active in its community is a sure way to stay busy and in the loop.

1. ACE has such a connected membership base. We connect online and off. If you cannot attend an event, you can create your own event by getting together with a few members. It was so easy to stay on top of what everyone was up to this summer on Twitter
and Facebook.

2. ACE supports other industry and community events. If they are not hosting during the summer they are likely partnering with another group that is or posting their event on their event calendar. You will certainly see familiar faces at these events.

3. A singular event series kept the summer networking alive and active, Latitude 53 Summer Rooftop Patio Series. This ran from June 14 to August 23. ACE hosted two of these patio series events.

If you are not a member already, then you really should consider joining. If you find networking and business development challenging, especially during the summer months,ACE is an easy and fun way to mix business and pleasure and get you connected in no time.

I’ve been a member for 11 years. I have made business connections and friendships. Join the club!

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