The 41st ACE Awards were presented on Saturday, July 18th.

For the first time in ACE Awards history, the awards were livestreamed thanks to the help of Invert 720! Attendees were able to chat at session “tables” with video cameras and audio on for the first hour, and then everyone headed to the stage for the video presentation, developed by our creative sponsors – Hoopla Media and Studio Hazel, who did an amazing job.

Thank you to our members, our industry, our community, our supporters and sponsors of the ACE Awards and everyone who joined us for the evening. We couldn’t do it without you. Your patience, understanding and support as we navigate these strange event-planning times means the world. We loved to (virtually) celebrate with you, Edmonton!

To see details of all of the awards, head to this page.

To watch the winning video submissions, visit our ACE YouTube page



About the event …

The ACE Awards celebrates all the “oh shit” moments, good or bad, that helped shape, influence and define this year’s most incredible, award-worthy work.

ACE members celebrate industry, group and individual excellence year-round, and we acknowledge it formally at the Annual ACE Awards Gala. For 40 years, the ACE Awards Show has been the only advertising creative award show in Edmonton. Our event is the largest annual gathering of advertising, marketing, communications and public relations professionals in our community. Edmonton’s best advertising is submitted for judging against international standards. Judges are brought in from outside of the city, outside of the province and outside of the country. ACE members do amazing, world-class work. Each year, outside experts confirm it.

The event provides an opportunity to showcase all of the outstanding creative work developed by talent right here in Edmonton. These awards are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit of our industry.