In our continued effort to make the submission process as easy as possible, we will be continuing to use the Iceberg awards management software.


  • You will need to register at the submission site.
  • It’s like a shopping cart – you register for an account then create your entries and put them in the cart. When you’re done, you can “check out” and submit the entries.
  • When you create an entry, that entry is given an ID number. This is the ID number that you must attach to any physical submissions.

If you require any technical support for digital submissions, please contact Iceberg directly.

Contact: If you have any questions on the ACE Category & Entry Guidelines, please contact

Download a PDF of the categories here.


Q: For categories like print & radio series, what number of ads qualify as a “series”?

A: 2 ads or more qualify as a series.

Q: The quality of my tear sheets & outdoor “in context” photos aren’t great – is that a problem?

A: Not to worry, tear sheets & context photos won’t be used for ACE on display or Judging. These are only used as proof that they ran in market between Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2018.

Q: Can I enter my agency’s website into the website category?

A: No, anything produced BY the agency FOR the agency must be entered into the “Self Promotion” category (regardless of medium executed).

Q: We are entering into the Branded Environment category which requires 1-4 photos for digital submissions. Are we allowed to enter 8 photos but on two pages?

A: Due to the volume of entries that must be judged over the two day time period, we ask that a maximum of 4 photos are submitted for this category to ensure our judges have sufficient time to review all material thoroughly.

Q: Do I have to name the files I upload the same thing as the campaign name?

A: Thankfully, no! Our system automatically renames the files once uploaded, so no specific naming conventions are required.

Q: Can I submit a descriptive video with my entry?

A:  Providing context can help the judges better understand the work they’re reviewing. The context description helps meet that need across all ACE Award categories. However, there are some categories where it is difficult to describe the work being entered in words and photos alone. Therefore, ACE will also allow (but not require) descriptive videos to accompany entries in the following categories:

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Innovative Use of Technology
  • Not-for-Profit Campaign
  • Not-for-Profit Non-Traditional
  • Fearless client
  • Non-Traditional/Guerilla

Please note the following rules regarding descriptive videos:

  • Videos cannot include information about the results or outcomes of the work/campaign
  • Videos cannot have company or individual identifying marks
  • Videos should be two minutes or less
  • Videos will not be shown to the judges automatically. Judges will be made aware which entries have descriptive videos and they can request to view them as they wish.

Q: I’m entering one of the categories that allows for a descriptive video, but I don’t have the time/resources to create a video. Are there any other options?

A: If you aren’t able to create a video for your submission, ACE will also accept a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Maximum 12 slides. The same rules around outcome information, identifying marks, and submission timelines/process apply. If you plan to proceed with this option, please email to arrange for sending of the presentation.


For more information about the submissions or categories, please see our Call For Entries page.