Posted 17th Aug, 2021

Change is inevitable. And as much as we’ve loved our website over the past few years, it’s time for an upgrade. We’ve issued an RFP for a site redevelopment, which you can check out here. The rough project timeline is: RFP Issued – August 17, 2021 Deadline for Questions – August 23, 2021 at 12:00 […]

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Oh Shit. A President’s Message.  

Posted 14th May, 2020

When ACE hosted the Breakfast Brief on February 11th, we had a very limited understanding of how world events were to shape this year and our community. We were in the middle of a cold winter and, the board and volunteers were working with our illustrious judges to review the work submitted for the 41st […]

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A Letter from the President

Posted 05th Oct, 2018

Hello! To those of you who are new to ACE, welcome to our community. To those of you who have been with us for any number of our 40 years – thank you for your continued support and for your role in making this community what it is today. Had I done a bit of […]

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Guest Post: CKUA can teach us all a thing or two

Posted 31st Jan, 2018

A funny thing happened on the way to inventing a new kind of local media in the form of the Alberta Podcast Network. We found great inspiration from and fellowship with an institution that has been in the local listening business longer than anyone. Since CKUA has been kind enough to include the Alberta Podcast […]

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How to Win an ACE Award

Posted 29th Mar, 2017

First and foremost congratulations to all the winners at this year’s ACE Awards. The judges were very impressed with our community’s overall level of work, particularly on the design front. Every year the board receives member feedback on the awards show, and we see a few recurring questions; we thought it would be a good idea […]

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3 Reasons You Should Sign Up for Agency Tours

Posted 28th Jan, 2017

(But – don’t just take my word for it)   A part of my role as the Student and Membership Liaison for ACE is to visit classrooms at NAIT, the University of Alberta, MacEwan University and various student marketing and design clubs. At this point, you’re probably sick of hearing from me about how networking […]

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ACE Gives Back

Posted 11th Oct, 2016

We’re a non-profit, but that doesn’t stop us from supporting our community. As a part of our ACE Student Workshop each year, our students partner with a non-profit client to develop a full campaign under the guidance of an industry mentor. The winning campaign gets a coveted ACE award and the non-profit client gets a stunning […]

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