Ad Lib: A professional development workshop with ACE & Rapid Fire Theatre

Time: 12:00 PM

Place: Zoom


Ad Lib: A professional development workshop with ACE & Rapid Fire Theatre


The reality of our strange work/life moment is this: who really knows what’s next.

But we’re trying our best. We’re adapting. We’re learning. Some might even say we’re all…improvising? That’s why ACE is so excited to partner with Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton’s most esteemed improv comedy troupe, for an hour of improv-informed professional development. Open to ACE Members only, sharpen up on essential advertising and marketing acumen through an interactive remote session hosted by Rapid Fire’s finest.

Brush up on valuable skills like:

– Getting comfortable with uncertainty

– Thinking on your feet

– Keeping people engaged while they stare at you from a tiny box on a screen

Because here’s the thing: there’s more overlap between Improv Skills and Working Through An Honest To God Pandemic than you might think, and this event will prove it, all while being the most fun you’ve had on a Zoom call since you figured out that ‘remote drinking’ was a thing.

When: 12PM Thursday, November 26, 2020

Where: Zoom

Why: Break-up the monotony of traditional remote learning with Edmonton’s best improv group

Cost: $15/ticket, for ACE Members only


1)This is an interactive session, so you’ll be expected to participate (don’t worry, no weird stuff)

2) No prior improv experience is needed (duh)

2) Capacity is limited, so get your tickets soon!

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