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There have been efforts across the province — and across the continent — to raise awareness around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and the impact that it can have on workplaces.

If you’ve been researching, launching or adjusting your own DEI initiative, there might be many issues on you mind, including proper set up, goal setting, getting buy-in or sustainability. It can be helpful to hear firsthand how other successful teams have implemented their own programs and ways you can get moving in a productive direction.

In this panel conversation, sponsored by ZGM Modern Marketing Partners, we strip away the jargon for a brass-tacks conversation on how three separate companies/organizations created and implemented their DEI program. Our guests include leading companies in each of their fields, and we’ll be making announcements of the guests in the days to come!

Hosted by Puneeta Sandhu McBryan. Puneeta is the Executive Director of the Downtown Business Association of Edmonton. In her own words, she is the lead convener, activator, and advocate shaping Downtown Edmonton’s future. The Edmonton Downtown Business Association (EDBA) works to support an evolving, inclusive, prosperous, and resilient downtown economy rooted in a vibrant and remarkable downtown experience. Puneeta is no stranger to the Ad Club, having held the president’s chair back in 2020, and she’s a most welcome host for this landmark conversation..

Our panelists include:

Myrna Bittner

Myrna Bittner is the CEO and Co-Founder of RUNWITHIT Synthetics, an advanced data modelling and visualization company designing decarbonization, sustainability, equity, resilience, and growth initiatives globally. Myrna is passionate about connecting today’s technology, policy, and infrastructure choices to data about the impacts and outcomes for people and our planet. Last year, 7 years after incorporation, the growing RUNWITHIT team celebrated numerous international awards, including the United Nation’s Global Call for Decarbonization, Taiwan’s Top Technology Gold Medal, Toyota Mobility Foundation’s City Architecture of Tomorrow Challenge, NATO’s Space Awareness, USAF’s AFWERX Showcase, Airbus Defence “Beyond Net-Zero,” along with the “Most Edmonton” YEG Startup Company. RUNWITHIT is a women-led, Certified Aboriginal Business, with a GBA+ Certified team of diverse and talented 3D animators, designers, and scientists in social, data, computing, and engineering disciplines.

Jordan Mair

As the Director of Value and Innovation at ZGM, part of Jordan’s role is to identify gaps in the agency, areas that need to change, develop, or grow. Through this lens, Jordan worked with two ZGM colleagues to develop the Equity and Diversity team. The Equity and Diversity team has been working for the past two years in a variety of areas to bring more equity and diversity to the agency, and the greater communications community. Jordan is also a past treasurer, board member and president of ACE.

Kristina Milke

Kristina Milke is one of the Managing partners in Sprout.vc. which is launching a second fund that will invest in early stage Western Canadian B2B SaaS tech startups.

As well as being an angel investor herself, an A100 member, and sits on various boards, she spends time supporting the entrepreneurial eco-system in Edmonton by both mentoring and participating on the Board of Advisors with Threshold Impact Venture Mentoring Service (TIVMS) a world-renowned mentoring program with a local branch operating at the University of Alberta.

Kristina spends time coaching and mentoring many entrepreneurs on various aspects of their companies.

This panel is part 2 of our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Series formulated through continuous conversations with our membership. As our industry wrestles with marketing inclusions and diversity, it became clear that our members wanted to learn more about DEI and how to initiate DEI programs internally. We are excited to support our members with high-value, informative experiences that empower them.

Join us at noon March 15th for an in-depth engaging conversation.

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Here is your opportunity to see various diversity and inclusion programs up-close, and to hear outcomes from teams that have made DEI work for them.

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