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In our industry, the workplace in and of itself can get to be a pretty stressful place. Now imagine the added emotional weight of having to deny (or omit) fundamental aspects of yourself while you work with your peers, simply because your gender doesn’t conform to societal norms around how genders are expressed. It’s not hard to imagine when you think about how many of us might not fit those societal norms.

These issues are pervasive, and compounding. They can lead to a host of issues, including hostility, ostracisation, rejection and in some cases, devastating human consequences. Quality of life and health issues remain a concern for all of us, and creating safe spaces for our staff is absolutely key to having strong teams that work well and succeed personally and professionally.

As a critical piece of the puzzle, having a working foundation of gender-inclusive language must be woven in to bridge our understanding — as colleagues and marketers. 

Please join us for our final Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop of 2022 — and the finale of Ad Club of Edmonton’s DEI series this year!

This working session will go deep into the existing challenges, latest research and best practices for creating safe workspaces. This workshop will engage all participants to get under the hood of their own team dynamics and broaden their understanding of inclusive language.. 

Attendants will walk away with a better understanding of gender diversity, language neutrality, and they’ll have tangible ways to help their teams build safer spaces for staff and clients in their workplaces and their work. 

This event is co-presented with the Calgary Marketing Associations and is sponsored by ZGM Modern Marketing Partners.

About the facilitator:

Skipping Stone was founded in 2016 as a scholarship foundation by Lindsay Peace and Amelia Marie Newbert. They quickly came to realize that many fundamental supports were needed around community-building, systems navigation, and advocacy, to name a few, and they have been steadily working towards recognizing and doing what is needed to support our community since then. As Skipping Stone has grown into this role, it continued to evolve and began also acting as a direct service provider, launching its unique and innovative, community-driven comprehensive care model. 

Workshop will be facilitated by Eddy (they/them) – Eddy is Director of Community Programs with Skipping Stone Foundation, a community organizer, speaker and educator.

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Learn how to apply gender-based language and create safer workspaces. This is not be missed!

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