Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop : The Advertising Club of Edmonton


With the constant change our world seems to be less accustomed to, it has become clear that old methods of working in and working with effective teams need to be re-examined — and in some cases reworked.

Inclusion and diversity training has been proven to drive growth, improve communications and culture, and turn tensions into advantages while creating equitable workplaces that benefit everyone.

In this workshop, learn some key and tangible takeaways, and move past the habit of ‘checking the diversity box’ while unpacking baked-in biases, opening channels of understanding, and driving team results through active inclusion.

Presented by Sarah Dharshi. Sarah is a longtime advocate, communications professional, dance artist and diversity activist operating in Edmonton and central Alberta. Since 2011, Sarah has created multiple platforms for her and fellow racialized women to address feminism, domestic and sexual violence, mental health, body/sex positivity, anti-racism, 2SLGBTQIA+ issues and more; all through the lenses of intersectionality and abolition. Through sharing personal stories via public speaking, frontlines activism, professional communications, fitness, and performance art, Sarah hopes to inspire her peers and allies to use their voices as catalysts for positive change and to create a narrative through her multi-disciplinary work that prioritizes human equity and inclusion above all.

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This is a virtual workshop with the goal of developing an understanding of critical diversity and inclusion principles and apply them to your teams!

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