NABS Webinar Event – How to Create and Experience Magic in Your Life with Rodrigo Diaz

Time: 11am

Place: Zoom



NABS – the National Advertising Benevolent Society – is offering a series of webinars to help.

Rodrigo’s talk contains the concepts and principles he personally used in his journey to transforming his life. It’s a talk that makes people aware of thoughts and feelings that might be preventing them from living a life of love, happiness, peace & joy (those four feelings are your natural state of being)….be that powerful version of you that you’re meant to be. Whether you already know how to create magic in your life, or you want to know where to start this talk is for you!

“You were placed in this world to experience love, happiness, peace and joy. Discover the innate ability to use your thoughts and feelings to create and experience miracles in your life. Magic is real. It’s all around you; and most importantly, it’s inside of you. You have the power to create it.”

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