Radio Connects to Consumers Research Study

Time: 8:30a

Place: MacEwan University Roundhouse - Allard, 11110 104 Ave NW Hall Room 11-161



Radio Connects to Consumers (RC2C) is a robust study delivering insights into consumer attention, engagement and path to purchase among Canadian aged 15+.

RC2C uncovers what role various media channels play within consumers lives. What motivates people to consume media and how does that media fit in with consumers lives? Which channels are most likely to get noticed, influence opinions or make consumers buy? Through examination of shopper “types” and attribution, RC2C reveals which media touchpoints inform the path to purchase. Should mainstream media channels receive more credit?

The study moves the audio conversation beyond devices to content – revealing the role of personal music and discovery, the importance of news and information about the communities in which consumes live.

More than a media study to highlight the strengths of radio, RC2C delivers the honest truth about consumer attitudes to media, including the “trust factor” (or lack thereof), ad avoidance and attention paid to media channels.

Study findings will be presented in the context of generational research, moving beyond the trope of “millennials are ruining everything”. Do audio consumption behaviours change as life stages evolve?

Numeris – Audiences Count – A New Diary Service

We live in a media world of unprecedented change. Canadians now have a multitude of content offerings and distribution choices when it comes to their listening and viewing habits. The digital universe has impacted every aspect of our world, including what, when and how they watch and listen. These changes impacted how we enumerate and measure Canadians when it comes to their audio and video consumption. In this session Numeris will share their plans on their new diary service as well provide an update on PPM.

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