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Be Honest – When you read AI – AKA Artificial Intelligence – do you just for a second think of “Synthes” and movies with robots that try to take over the world?

In truth AI marketing is simply a method of leveraging technology to improve the customer journey, and its influence has fundamentally altered the modern marketing mix in ways conspicuous and otherwise. From augmenting ad platforms to optimizing CRMs to underpinning the very economics of social media, the influence of AI’s synthetic decisions on the lives of consumers and the ROI of marketers is here to stay.

The Calgary Marketing Association (CMA) and the Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE), is bringing together a panel of AI experts to explore the evolving role of AI and Machine Learning in marketing and advertising.  

Join Alyssa Lefaivre, Senior Manager, Business Development of AltaML , Fouad El-Masri, CEO and Co-Founder of Vertical Impression, and Vassilis Douros, Head of Regional and Performance Marketing of WestJet in a panel discussion moderated by Marc Binkley, VP Digital & Marketing Strategy of Anstice Communications.


This panel discussion will include:

  • The AI and Machine Learning’s role in a marketing context
  • How AI and ML can help deepen connections with your customers and impact your
  • ROI
  • Ways AI can be used to benefit organization regardless of size and budget
  • The downsides of AI and unintentional consequences of letting a machine make your business choices    
  • The evolving future of AI and ML in marketing


About the Speakers

Vassilis Douros, Head of Regional and Performance Marketing, WestJet

Vassilis actively seeks out innovation by combining his digital passions and competitive background. While he spends most of his time creating and adopting new digital strategies, he enjoys understanding Martech and how it is paramount in our ability to identify opportunities and scale for businesses.

His career has taken him around the world. From the Athens 2004 Olympic games to normalizing digital strategies for premier online gaming companies in Europe, there has never been a dull moment. Upon his return to Canada, he has spent the bulk of his time creating and implementing digital disruption strategies that help businesses scale and globalize across two significant industries; retail and aviation. Today, Vassilis is the Head of Regional and Performance Marketing at WestJet Airlines. 


Fouad El-Masri, CEO and Co-Founder, Vertical Impression 

Fouad Co-Founded Vertical City (formerly Visio Media) in 2011 while completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the UofA. Prior to Vertical City, Fouad was involved in land investment and development, with a real estate portfolio that operated in Alberta and the United Arab Emirates. There, he led a 5-person team on a $150 million development project. 

Fouad has led Vertical City from its infancy to a Series A, round of financing from a Fortune 100 company, fueling Vertical City’s growth to becoming the largest residential elevator advertising company in Canada today.


Alyssa Lefaivre, Senior Manager, Business Development AltaML

Alyssa is the Senior Business Development Manager for AltaML, an Edmonton-based artificial intelligence and machine learning company that builds applied ML solutions and products to amplify and transform organizations. With over 8 years of experience in business and partnership development in the technology sector, Alyssa is passionate about connecting people and organizations with nascent and disruptive technologies that elevate human potential.  Alyssa always strives to be a conscious connector of people and businesses who are pursuing their purpose with passion, authenticity, and gratitude.



Marc Binkley, VP Digital & Marketing Strategy, Anstice Communications

Marc Binkley is the VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy at Anstice, a bespoke full-service marketing agency based in Calgary.  He has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing in retail, pharma, broadcast media, utilities, B2B tech, and homebuilding. As a keynote speaker and contributor to numerous publications. Marc is recognized as a thought leader and hosts some of the world’s brightest marketing minds on the Anstice aCast podcast. He’s currently the Board Chair of the Calgary Marketing Association, a graduate of Mark Ritson’s MiniMBA in Marketing and expects to complete his eMBA program in 2023.

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