Webinar: The Urgency of Inclusive Marketing with Anita Chauhan

Time: 12:00-1:00

Place: Webinar

Url: https://calgarycma.com/event/the-urgency-of-inclusive-marketing/

Webinar: The Urgency of Inclusive Marketing with Anita Chauhan


Marketing has failed us. For too long it has been less about the individuals that it serves, and more of a representation of a small minority, or an unachievable ideal. Organizations have been learning hard lessons over the last year about what inclusion means and have doubled down on other Diversity and Inclusion activities. But does this extend to marketing, as well? 

As we think about empowering every person and every organization around the world to be more inclusive – we look deeper into understanding how marketing can truly represent the audiences it serves. To see people as individuals, each and every one unique, and to celebrate the ways in which we’re different from one another. 

With over 8+ years of experience and countless successful multicultural and diverse marketing campaigns executed, Anita will walk us through the benefits of inclusive marketing relative to innovation and, how we can remove barriers and how inclusive marketing can be used to help brand and marketing activities resonate with target audiences. We explore examples of inclusive marketing failures, ideas and provide examples of brands that are excelling at being more inclusive.


During this Webinar Anita will share:

  • How to build inclusive marketing campaigns 
  • Ways to consider all audiences for your marketing campaigns
  • How to get executive buy-in and how to include inclusive marketing in your existing campaigns
  • Tools and resources you can use to help support your inclusive marketing initiatives.


About Anita Chauhan

Anita Chauhan is the Director of Marketing at Crescendo and a senior marketing, communications and content leader. Equal parts strategist, storyteller, and creative media producer, she has worked in startups, DEI and marketing for the last 8+ years, executing countless multicultural and inclusive marketing campaigns. She’s currently the Director of Marketing for Crescendo, a DEI startup, focused on creating a more diverse and equitable workplace. 

Anita delivers high-energy keynotes that challenge audiences and companies to consider the human impact of their marketing campaigns, their focus on inclusion, and to ask them to pay closer attention to how they are representing their consumer audiences.

In her spare time, she moonlights as an astrologer and already knew that you would go back and make sure that you read ‘astrologer’ correctly.


This event is co-sponsored by the Calgary Marketing Association and the Advertising Club of Edmonton.

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