Hey, look! We re-designed! : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

We are thrilled to have you visiting our new website. It’s going to be an all-around better experience for everyone.

The new site is here, and it is beautiful. We want to thank Sonder Creative for their hard work and killer creative mindset for bringing this new website design to life! This site reflects our 2021 rebrand, and will help deliver amazing value to our membership. 

We realize that if you got used to the way things were on the old site, this might take some getting used to. But once you navigate the new site you will find that everything is a lot easier to access and that you have some really exciting new abilities.

ACE Membership Discounts – 70% off!

All memberships, old and new, are 70% off to celebrate!

  • If you are purchasing a new industry or student membership, you can use the code NEWSITE at checkout to enjoy this killer pricing until March 16th.
  • If your membership is renewing any time in the next year, you will receive a 70% off discount code in your inboxes when your membership is about to expire.

For new members

Well, there’s not much to explain here. You likely weren’t familiar with our old site, so there isn’t much to say in terms of getting reacquainted. Sign up for your account and explore your access!

For existing members

All of the things you could do before, you still can (and more). Sonder has put together a short walkthrough video, which you can watch here!

Log In / Reset Your Password

All active accounts and accounts that expired in 2021 have been migrated to the new site. If your account expired sometime after January 2021, you still have an account and can sign in and renew.

** All users will have to perform a password reset prior to being able to log in.** 
You can do so here: https://adclubedm.com/login/?action=reset_pass

Your profile

You will have to re-fill out your profile. Most details will have migrated, but there are new account features (such as the information you wish to display in the member search) that will have to be filled out. You will want to confirm your industry category and add any other relevant information.

You will also have the opportunity to add a new profile photo! (We know, you didn’t ask to have to take a new glamour shot, but if you’ve been a member for years and haven’t changed it, isn’t it time?)

Billing information

When it comes time for your account to be renewed you will have to log in and enter your current billing information.

Job Postings (Industry Members):

If you had job posting on the site previously, you should have no problem still accessing them. However, you may want to double-check their closing date! Now, once the job has closed it won’t be visible to users and will be removed from the system 30 days after the closing date. This is an attempt to ensure our site doesn’t get bogged down with ancient postings and makes sure our members don’t have outdated content floating around.

A new benefit is that your postings will go live immediately and they are now editable by you! No need to contact us wondering when it will get posted or to request an update. We do still moderate posts and may assist in formatting them occasionally to ensure they meet our site standards.

Event Suggestions

If you have an event you would like to suggest, you can easily fill out a form with all the applicable details. Our team will review your event to ensure it aligns with ACE values and that it makes sense to house on our website. Typically, your event will go live within a day of submitting. Once it’s live, you will have the ability to edit the event details if needed.

Freelancer & Intern profiles

If you had a freelancer or intern profile on our old site, you will have to update it on the new one. We added some additional fields and included the opportunity for a larger bio if needed. You can also choose to include your ACE profile photo on your account. If you need to make changes to your profile or delete it entirely, this is now within your control. No need to contact us to make adjustments (or be forced to post a whole new profile with every change!)

Member Search

Same great tool, much easier to use! The Member Search now includes simpler filtering options. You can now also decide what you want visible on your profile.

If you have any issues with your account or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


We want to hear from you! As you start to interact with the new site, please let us know what you love about it, or what’s not working for you. If you catch any bugs that we can address with our developer, please flag them to us! You can email any issues to [email protected]

Thank you for all the patience as we made it through this launch. We are excited to be able to serve our membership better. :) 

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