In The Business Of: Cory Sellar : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

Welcome back for episode #5 of In The Business Of Something!

ITBOS is a podcast brought to you by ACE to help introduce more people in Edmonton and beyond to the mysterious world of advertising.

In this episode, Josh and Moh have the pleasure of talking to Cory Sellar who works at Edmonton Unlimited as a Marketing & Communications Specialist. Cory talks about how his current role is his dream role because it combines his passion for storytelling, video production, and the innovation and technology industry right here in Edmonton. But as you’ll hear from Cory, this role didn’t magically fall into his lap and was a result of years of honing his craft. It’s a testament to Cory’s ability to make the most out of any given situation and continuing to learn and grow as a result. Cory also shares great advice for students about the importance of being patient, following your passions, and navigating the sometimes harsh reality of the job application process. This is the perfect conversation if you’re needing a little inspiration and motivation – Cory is basically the human form of the hands clapping emoji. Want to learn more about Cory? You can find him here: Cory Sellar, Marketing and Communications Specialist: @sellarcast

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