In The Business Of: Hoopla : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

We’re joined by video production queens, Colleen Nuc and Amy McBain, the dynamic duo that fuels Hoopla Media, scrappy studio making waves here in Edmonton. We get right into how Colleen started Hoopla looking for more creative opportunity, and eventually brought on Amy. The two of them have carved out a niche in the industry thanks to their creativity, passion, and knack for storytelling. 

From navigating early career challenges to landing big-deal city projects that went viral, Colleen and Amy share insights into their creative process, their recent ventures like self-produced International Women’s Day projects, and their aspirations for tackling bigger, bolder productions in the future. 

Whether you’re in the industry or simply love some Hoopla, this episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to thrive in the world of video production.

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