In The Business Of: Marketing Money : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

On this episode of In the Business of Something, we’re talking all things banking with co-host Danna Stephens, Associate Director of Marketing at ATB Financial and her colleagues Eldon Kymson and Jenn Manning, Associate Creative Directors at ATB.

Eldon and Jenn share their unconventional career journeys from science and musical theatre to advertising. They discuss their roles in shaping ATB’s creative evolution, including how their unique backgrounds help them see creativity opportunity within the practical world of finance. 

Highlighting their work on the recent “Powering Possibility” brand campaign, they emphasize the importance of meeting people where they’re at and standing out in the banking industry through a humanized, optimistic vision of personal finance that resonates with a diverse group of Albertans. They also reflect on the benefits of working in-house, where they can infuse the brand’s promise into the company culture, making a tangible impact beyond the traditional limits of advertising.

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