Agency Account Executive

Posted/Last Revised: 20th Nov, 2019


We’re on the search for an enthusiastic leader to take the reins as Account Executive (AE) at Haste Post-haste (HP-h). If business development, relationship building and project management is your jam, we’d love to chat. 

The day-to-day role 

Are you passionate about connecting and networking? Does bringing new creative solutions to old business challenges light you up? Are you inspired by the impact of branding, digital experience and marketing? If so, you’ve got the key areas of this role on lockdown. 

Organizationally, the AE strategically seeks out and acts upon opportunities to grow HP-h’s client roster and portfolio. Your perceptive intellect allows you to qualify leads and take decisive action. You forge new connections, identify potential projects for existing clients and maintain project timelines, budgets and scope, alongside a supportive creative team. 

Acting as HP-h’s uniting force, you’ll keep our clients and team in the loop and on track with project needs throughout the engagement. In addition to managing client relationships, you’ll promote our creative agency at local and regional networking and industry events. 


  • Experience in sales, project management and marketing 
  • Hungry for professional growth and opportunity
  • Lifelong learner and confident decision maker 
  • Eager communicator, written and verbal
  • Self-starter and critical thinker
  • Problem solver and proactive planner


  • Proficient in basic computer applications such as Google Docs, Sheets and Drive 
  • Intermediate level presentation skills
  • Estimating, scheduling and traffic management skills 
  • Diplomatic interpersonal skills

As a career-motivated person, this role will continually expand your skill set, allowing you to build a specialization in business development and marketing planning. This opportunity is best suited for someone with intermediate to senior level experience (2-4+ years), however, a combination of personal qualities and skills will be considered.

About HP-h 

We’re on a mission to add something new to Edmonton’s creative scene. The folks at HP-h have decades of experience in strategy, naming, branding, identity, advertising and digital experience. We’re big on clarity, respect and genuine teamwork. If you’re looking to work alongside a team of ambitious professionals in a fast-paced environment, HP-h may just be a perfect fit. 

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to