Agency Content Manager

Posted/Last Revised: 2nd May, 2019


Careers with Haste Post-haste (HP-h)

We’re on a mission to add something new to Edmonton’s creative scene. The folks at HP-h have decades of experience in strategy, naming, branding, identity, advertising and digital experience. We’re big on clarity, respect and genuine teamwork. If you’re looking to work alongside a team of ambitious professionals in a fast-paced environment, HP-h may just be a perfect fit. Learn more about our agency here:

Agency Content Manager

We’re on the search for an enthusiastic copywriter and content creator to take the reins as Content Manager at Haste Post-haste (HP-h). If digital content planning, creation and execution is your jam, we’d love to chat.

The day-to-day role

Are you passionate about the power of branding, digital experience and marketing? Well, as a Content Manager, you’ll help craft vital strategies, plans and messages to reach our clients’ audiences when and where it matters most. This role will be oriented toward digital writing across a variety of intriguing client categories and mediums. From website writing and content planning to digital ad campaigns and blog post writing, we’ll put your past strategic planning and copywriting experience to good use.

Organizationally, this vital role ensures the timely delivery of engaging, informative and on-brand content. As our Content Manager, you’ll develop and maintain content project plans, working within a defined budget and scope alongside a supportive creative team.


  • Experience in shaping and executing digital content marketing strategies  
  • Lifelong learner and confident decision maker
  • Eager communicator, written and verbal
  • Self-starter and critical thinker
  • Problem solver and proactive planner
  • Hungry for professional growth and opportunity


  • Proficient in basic computer applications such as Google Docs, Sheets and Drive
  • Proven copywriting for websites, digital ad campaigns and social platforms (with portfolio) 
  • Intermediate level experience with crafting content strategies and executing them
  • Excellent knowledge of English grammar
  • Diplomatic interpersonal skills

This opportunity is best suited for someone with intermediate level experience (3+ years), however, a combination of personal qualities and skills will be considered.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to