Digital Production Manager

Posted/Last Revised: 28th May, 2021

  • Company/Organization
  • Critical Mass
  • Website
  • Location
  • Remote within Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia
  • Salary
  • N/A
  • Educational Req.
  • You will:

    • Be the business leader for a key track of work that is ongoing
    • Thrive on being the liaison, acting as primary contact of communicating needs and deliverables between the client, your team and vendors
    • Own the delivery of the project portfolio from start to finish
    • Understand, track and own financials, including revenue and profitability.
    • Look for opportunities to drive more efficient process, saving the team (and yourself) time and saving the Client money
    • Provide clients and internal team with frequent status updates
    • Achieve positive results through the deliverables within the project portfolio
    • Maintain a high level of service to the Clients while being a true partner to the Critical Mass team and our 3rd party partners
    • Mentor and coach team members while motivating and leading the overall project team
    • Define and implement best practices
    • Deliver solutions to drive consensus for problems in a professional and timely manner

    You have:

    • 5 to 7 years experience managing a variety of digital projects such as site builds, microsites and site maintenance
    • An attention to detail that is unmatched
    • Experience working with complex clients on portfolios in excess of $5MM. Automotive experience a plus
    • Heavy production experience: fast pace and high volume and a passion for it
    • Strong understanding of how to manage and control project scope, schedule, budget and resource management, reporting and change management, project roadmap development and revenue forecasting
    • Experience managing teams and conversations with clients around scope, schedule and budget as well as roadmaps
    • Knowledge of project management principles, methods and techniques
    • Leadership skills: the fusion of patience and strength, calm and grace under pressure, navigation through personalities and working styles and the ability to work with a distributed team with people at all levels
    • Interactions with others using tact and good judgment
    • Ability to react quickly, assess situations and implement solutions
    • Advanced negotiation, communication, writing, and organization skills with an outstanding attention to detail
    • An understanding of Website platforms (such as AEM), content management, content authoring, Jira tickets and site optimization. Not afraid to talk tech
    • Experience with office productivity tools such as excel, word, MS project, Visio and Powerpoint
    • Experience with collaboration and issue tracking tools such as Box, JIRA and Confluence
  • Contact Name
  • Corrine Bell
  • Contact Email
  • Closing Date
  • Jan. 31, 2022


The Production Manager has a passion for the three Ps: production, process and productivity. You thrive on being immersed in the details: how long it’ll take, how much it’s going to cost and how to always be improving. You’re on speed dial with the Client, the internal agency stakeholders and our external partners, generating production schedules and keeping everything on task and on track. Clients love you because you’ve honed in on your skills long enough to have a voice of authority. Your team loves you because you make vision a reality.

As a Production Manager, you will expertly manage and grow client relationships and oversee a portfolio of digital deliverables that launch throughout the fiscal year. Clients describe you as an expert and trusted advisor—and you use engaging leadership talents to develop client relationships. Overall profitability of the business and client satisfaction is on your shoulders—but you have that covered. You’re simultaneously the connective tissue between your team, your Clients and external partners. A leader and a motivator across all disciplines, who builds trust at every turn.