Digital Strategist

Posted/Last Revised: 3rd Jun, 2018


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What is the position?

The person in this exciting role works collaboratively with our internal team to design and deliver digital strategies for our clients that help achieve their business objectives. The digital strategist is responsible for connecting research and strategy on digital mediums, and working to connect and engage the market with our clients’ brands. The role requires an innovator, a writer, and a progressive thinker who can connect digital interactions to all other aspects of our clients’ businesses and drive future growth opportunities.

The successful candidate will bring a proven ability to support the following areas:


  • Develop effective approaches to build upon current client strategies within the digital arena to achieve client objectives;
  • Analyze data to help build digital strategies and recommend solutions to boost digital presence and online engagement;
  • Build digital marketing strategies using all necessary tools (e.g., website, emails, social media, blogs, etc.);
  • Manage Incite’s digital strategy and curate our thought leadership through an integrated approach across LinkedIn, Twitter, and other relevant platforms to drive engagement and generate new leads;
  • Help clients engage/interact with online conversations;
  • Stay up-to-date with developments in digital media and technology.


  • Develop high-level content strategies for both clients and Incite;
  • Build content editorial calendars and recommend formats/mediums/styles to use;
  • Write digital content, including blogs, whitepapers, social posts, etc., that align with overall client strategy;
  • Lead the development of Incite’s thought leadership content.


  • Attend meetings and events to understand client needs;
  • Execute high-quality projects that are on time and cost-effective/on budget;
  • Liaise with strategy, design, and writing teams to optimize customer experience and ensure brand consistency;
  • Provide feedback/review to team.

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