Marketing and Communications Lead

Posted/Last Revised: 10th Aug, 2021

  • Company/Organization
  • Startup TNT
  • Website
  • Location
  • Edmonton, remote
  • Contact Name
  • Brandon Kwong
  • Closing Date
  • Sep. 15, 2021


The motto of Startup TNT is Have fun. Make friends. Build companies. We build excitement for local startups. We raise money for local startups. And we train local investors how to invest in local startups.

We’ve raised over $3.9 million for 24 companies since February 2020. We’re looking for a Marketing and Communications Lead to help us increase our impact. 

Startup TNT is a startup gathering point. Every week we host entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, startup supporters, and innovators of all kinds at our Thursday Night Tradition. It’s a weekly happy hour to have fun, make friends, and build companies with other members of the startup community, many of whom are leading figures in the local tech startup scene. Each week, we find different members of the startup community to sponsor the event. The atmosphere is always friendly, fun, and boisterous. We also send out a weekly newsletter to our community updating them about our events. 

Startup TNT is a startup educator. We use real-world experiences mixed with relevant, focused workshops delivered in partnership with content experts. We focus our education around three areas: communicating the startup story to investors, understanding investment best practices, and preparing for due diligence. We run education sessions for both entrepreneurs and investors and would like to expand our offerings. 

Startup TNT is a startup storyteller. Our newsletter features fun, personal stories about the various attendees and the interesting things they are up to. We also host fun panel discussions that showcase the community in a celebratory, causal manner. We partner with creative artists on joint projects to tell the story of the local startup scene through the viewpoint of the entrepreneurs living it. 

Startup TNT is a startup investment catalyst. Our marquee event is the semi-annual Startup TNT Investment Summit. The summit raises money for early-stage tech startups through a fun and experiential education program that increases the pool of sophisticated investors in our community. The investors each invest $5,000 into a special purpose vehicle and then work together to conduct due diligence on the applicants. The final investment decision is made live at the Investment Summit. 

Since February, we have raised over $3.9 million for 24 Startups. Over 135 unique investors have participated in our 7 investment summits, many of them investing for the very first time. 

We are seeking a talented, motivated, and experienced marketing professional to lead all our marketing and communication efforts across the organization. This will be a full-time position. 

The ideal candidate enjoys independently leading marketing and communications projects, creating content, running social media campaigns, tracking brand impact, and working in a collaborative, fast-paced environment. You will be responsible for both internal and external communications. We have an external marketing agency partner (AM/FM) that can and will support you, as well as experience with internal marketing (to investors, startups, etc. participating with us already), however, you will be owning the marketing and communications aspect of Startup TNT. 

We have deadlines every week!

This position will oversee the marketing strategy, execution of digital marketing campaigns, and the production of key marketing materials for the organization

Key experiences and competencies

  • Experience with marketing strategy in a tech or tech-enabled business
  • Running digital marketing campaigns and using digital marketing tools
  • Knowledge of website design best practices and SEO
  • Ability to generate high-quality copy for marketing materials in partnership with writing contractors
  • Ability to create marketing and branding assets (poster, banners, etc), and also work with design contractors
  • Social media management
  • Analytical abilities to interpret marketing data
  • Project management for the production of marketing materials related to marquee events and programs
  • Interpersonal skills and professionalism
  • Succinct, clear communication
  • Understanding of the startup ecosystem
  • Grant writing experience is an asset; position will be expected to contribute towards the completion of economic development grants and reports

Key activities

Startup TNT happy hour and pitch night (weekly)

  • Manage digital marketing on social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Slack channels)
  • Create marketing copy for digital ads or social media posts
  • Create design/branding assets 

Newsletter (weekly)

  • Manage digital marketing and KPIs of the newsletter
  • Integrate automations and an engagement strategy
  • Develop a newsletter subscriber acquisition strategy
  • Write newsletter copy
  • Design and format newsletter
  • Complete final edits and compilation of newsletter to ensure it meets branding style and standards of the organization

Website and social media accounts

  • Continuously update website and social media accounts with news, events, and accomplishments
  • Track website KPIs and engagement 
  • Write, edit and post blog articles
  • Manage SEO to ensure that when startups are looking for investment groups, Startup TNT is at the top of the list

Summits and pitch marathons

  • Design, manage and execute the digital marketing strategy
  • Manage the creation of content and marketing assets for the digital marketing strategy
  • Manage the production of summit materials including recruitment documents, landing pages, the Eventbrite page, and summit KPI reports
  • Manage and oversee regular communications to the participating investors and entrepreneurs
  • Create and oversee the distribution of press releases and interactions with the media
  • Manage communications and dissemination of marketing materials to organizing partners and sponsors
  • Oversee the creation of stories, blog posts, and creative, interactive media content about the summit participants for use in marketing and awareness campaigns
  • Report portfolio information to various partners

Startup TNT reports to the community

  • Manage and execute the production of quarterly and annual reports to the community on the organization’s impact
  • Manage and execute the production of summary reports for each summit
  • Manage and execute the production of quarterly reports on the Startup TNT summit portfolio companies
  • Manage and execute the data collection of portfolio company KPIs for reporting to stakeholders

Grant writing and reporting

  • Assist in generating grant applications 

Gathering Customer Feedback

  • Conducting regular feedback sessions with stakeholders to iterate on marketing strategies


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