Marketing Director

Posted/Last Revised: 29th Jun, 2021

  • Company/Organization
  • KEEN Creative
  • Website
  • Location
  • Edmonton
  • Educational Req.
    • 5-10 years of marketing-related experience and strategy development.
    • Post-secondary degree or diploma in Marketing and/or Communications.
    • Experience managing multi-channel projects/campaigns that include content creation, digital media promotions, events, social media, email marketing and traditional media.
    • Strong communicator with the ability to connect with team, clients and share ideas with conviction and passion. Experience managing and leading a team.
    • Proven relationship builder, connecting with clients, partners and team.
    • Demonstrated ability to understand complex business issues and how marketing can work to drive results.
    • A driven, self-directed, agile thinker who is accustomed to a fast-paced environment and finding a way through challenging situations.
    • Strategic mindset with experience analyzing and drawing insights from research, media, data analytics and campaign performance.
    • Strong organizational skills with good attention to detail.
    • A creative mind who enjoys collaborating in a positive team environment.
    • You are always growing and learning and want to help foster growth in others.
  • Contact Name
  • Lisa Feehan
  • Contact Phone
  • (780) 709-5571
  • Contact Email
  • Closing Date
  • Jul. 31, 2021


KEEN Creative is looking for a seasoned Marketer who knows how to craft a unique brand position in the market to stand out and get results. The Marketing Director should be a passionate storyteller who loves developing strategies to make a client’s vision a reality. With a passion for creativity and a detail-oriented mind, the Marketing Director will develop the roadmap for our client’s brands and marketing implementation.

As a Marketing Director, you will be responsible for leading and developing client marketing strategies. As the strategic quarterback, you will ensure strategies come together effectively and efficiently, all while meeting and exceeding client expectations. Working collaboratively with our creative and development team, you will oversee the execution of marketing strategies to ensure their success. In addition, you will lead and manage the marketing team members to ensure they are growing and evolving at KEEN.

**This is a 2-year, full-time contract position with the possibility of extension**

Your responsibilities include:

  • Strategy: With an emphasis on storytelling, you will develop and pitch marketing strategies that could include the following components: brand messaging, positioning, key messaging, brand voice, etc.
  • Market Research: You understand research is a key part of marketing and determine research approaches on projects to uncover insights and determine market positioning.
  • Team Management: You have experience managing people and can give honest, constructive yet supportive feedback. You are passionate about fostering growth in others.
  • Review & Direction: You review marketing work and use a keen eye to determine if a project is on or off track. You offer direction on how to navigate a marketing challenge to ensure goals are met.
  • Media & Campaign Direction: Evaluate and provide recommendations and ideas on delivering an effective campaign and/or incorporating media and marketing tactics to reach audiences, using digital and traditional media.
  • Effectiveness & Results: Using measurables and results tracking, you ensure all the marketing strategies KEEN has implemented are producing desired results. You have the knowledge and agility to recognize issues and make recommendations on improvements.
  • Budget Management: You provide solutions within the budget provided and take responsibility for aligning marketing spend to achieve the desired results.
  • Leadership: As a leadership team member, you will work to grow KEEN and help develop strategies to achieve our vision.
  • Be a KEENer: Follow and maintain KEEN project workflows. Work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team. Maintain and adhere to KEEN’s core values, while contributing to our great culture. Strive for constant improvement and growth in your role.

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