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I bet you thought we were going to post all 4 parts of ‘Meet the Judges’ all in row. Surprise! We didn’t! It might be because we genuinely forgot and kept adding it to our todo list OR maybe its because its the final week leading up to the 39th Annual ACE Awards! One final chance to learn a little more about our judges before Saturday. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet do it now, they’re only on sale until Wednesday at 5pm!

Here it is, the final question:

Q: What’s your favourite book or podcast?

Rene: I don’t read books, but I do read tons of magazines and go online a lot. I prefer just delving into current pop culture because that’s where I need to stay updated. Although, I do read Catcher in the Rye every other year, which sounds a bit psychotic now that I say it.

Leia: I’m really hooked on these books written by female comedians like Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, and Mindy Kaling. I think it’s because they’re hilarious and relatable in the fact that the two industries (television and marketing) parallel a lot. I can relate to a woman attempting to balance everything while still trying have a sense of humour about it. My favourite? Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.

Dominic: I’m all about podcasts these days. I find the things that have the most impact on me are coming from them.  Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell has been amazing. Every single episode is full of killer insights, cool comparisons, and breaks down very obtuse topics into something we can talk about around the table.

Gail: In terms of classic marketing, the one that impacted me most is The Copywriter’s Handbook. I thought it helped make everything succinct and almost poetic. In terms of inspiration, I listen to the BBC podcasts each morning to get a quick glimpse of what’s going on in the news; sometimes the best ads come out of topical issues going on.

Nick: I’ve been really getting into music podcasts like Song Exploder, where an artist takes a specific song and then dissects it and talk about their process of creating it. There’s also another one that’s based on a studio from the 70’s that actually created all these songs you hear by bands like the Beach Boys. It’s so cool to hear their humbleness, and the process of working with people like Bryan Adams. Seeing that kind of creative process in a different way than I’m used to is really interesting to me.

See you at the Awards on Saturday night! 

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