Meet the Judges: Part 1

Posted 27th Feb, 2018

by Amy McBain

We sat down with Rene Rouleau (VP Creative Director at BIMM, Toronto), Leia Rogers (Creative Director & Managing Partner at Rethink, Vancouver), Dominic Prevost (Associate Creative Director at 123West, Vancouver), Gail Pak (Creative Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto). and Nick Ostini (Art Director at SET Creative and ASK Agency, Portland) to pick their brains on a few topics following the 2018 ACE Awards Judges Breakfast.

Q: What’s the strangest thing about you? The weirder the better.

Rene: I eat tomatoes every day for breakfast.

Leia: I collect taxidermy. I have three pieces, so I consider that a collection. A weazel that I got in Portland, a squirrel from San Fran, and a grouse that I found at a thrift store in Vancouver.

Dominic: I’m pretty vanilla, but I am a huge video game addict. I mean, massive. I have a full time job that’s very demanding, and a family, but I still carve out enough time to play these hardcore games, and it’s not going to change. Right now I’m playing Monster Hunter.

Gail: I like to drink hot liquids, but only in clear glasses. It’s a thing. I hate thick mugs. Everyone at works thinks I’m drinking beer.

Nick: My alter ego (sometimes) is Bob Moss who is the twin brother of Bob Ross, the painter. It’s been awhile since I’ve been him. A couple years ago I made a few drunken videos for a charity thing where I painted in his style, but all the paintings are pretty disturbing. There was one where someone is like clubbing a baby seal in the arctic tundra. They all look beautiful, but then they all have some very disturbing aspect to them.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming at ya next week!

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