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What is Advertising?

A new podcast for students where we make sense of our industry and all its career paths.

The process of figuring out what you want to do with your life can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking to say the least. But you’ve stumbled upon advertising, an industry where change and unknowns are the only constant and we’re all still figuring out what we’re really in the business of.

So if you’re curious, comfortable with change, and looking for something different – subscribe to our podcast where we talk to young professionals in our industry and learn more about the stories and lessons from their journeys in advertising so far.

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Cover Art

In The Business Of: Educating The Next Generation

On this episode of In The Business of Something, our guest is Teresa Sturgess, Marketing Instructor at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). We sit down with Teresa, and ACE President Karla McNeil, to learn about Teresa’s journey from working for some of the top agencies and reputable brands in Canada to becoming a local advertising legend with her Promotional Campaign Planning course at NAIT. 
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In the business of something Nicola Pringle

In The Business Of: Art Direction

We’re excited to kick off the season with Nicola Pringle, an award-winning, locally revered Art Director from ZGM Modern Marketing Partners. Over the course of her career, Nicola has shaped countless brands and marketing campaigns through her incredible artistry and powerful ideas. 
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