Posted 04th Feb, 2013

by Andrew Savchyn

As one of the oldest advertising clubs in the country, ACE is a very special kind of organization. Not just because of the social events, but because of the friendships we share and the support we provide to one another.

Edmonton’s advertising community didn’t just magically form out of thin air. It took leaders, mentors and builders to shape our club and its reputation across Canada.

The ACE Fellowship Award is all about honouring those who’ve turned Edmonton into something better. Think about the people who’ve played a role in your career or who you think deserve recognition for making this city a better place to do what we do.

Your nominee doesn’t have to newly-retired or speak like Yoda in any way. In fact, they can be the person sitting beside you right now, or the person you’ve always admired. The point is: nominate them and give them their due.

Download the nomination form here and send it to Ryan Kelly, Past-President, by Tuesday, February 12th.

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