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Posted 23rd Sep, 2015

by Ace Communications

Ace Student Members


You might be thinking “An ACE student membership – what’s in it for me?” I know that’s what I thought when I was a working towards attaining my Marketing degree a few years ago.

Although I understood how useful having a membership would be, I had tons of excuses for not getting one, such as being too busy. As well, the idea of networking with professionals in the industry intimidated me and I was afraid to step outside my comfort zone.

I completed my degree a few years ago and I’m now pursuing my Public Relations diploma. Not getting a membership when I was completing my degree is something I regret. I missed out on networking opportunities, valuable volunteer experience, and potential job opportunities. When I decided that I would go back to school, the first thing on my to-do list was to get am ACE membership!

Here are the three main benefits of why YOU should get an ACE student membership today.

  1. Discount rates for all ACE events

Who doesn’t love a discount? As a student member, you’ll get the exclusive invite to all the ACE events and get a discount on all of them. Some of these events include an invitation to tour local agencies during Ad week, Student Mentoring opportunities, and much more! Most of the events are very casual, so mingling is not as intimidating and is strongly encouraged.


  1. Gain valuable experience

A little experience in the industry never hurt anyone, right? ACE offers multiple volunteer opportunities and a Student Workshop that will get you the experience you need to getting your foot in the door in the advertising community. Plus, it looks good on your resume and there is the opportunity to win an elusive ACE award from the Student Workshop. Now that’s a win!


  1. Meet your future bosses

Most jobs opportunities come from establishing connections, and not job postings. If you have the right attitude and are a good fit, you will stand out when you network with professionals in the advertising community. The amount of resumes employers receive is overwhelming, so being able to link a face to a name goes a long way. I know student members that have landed internships and jobs from the connections they made through ACE.


You can get all of these student benefits for just $15 a year. You don’t need an econ degree to know that’s a good deal.

Whatever your hesitations are for not signing up, get rid of them! If cost is an issue, try not drinking a few pumpkin spice lattes this month: your waistline and future self will thank you. If meeting new people terrifies you, then I challenge you to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You can also ask one of your classmates to sign up with you so you have a familiar face to attend events with. If not having enough time is your excuse, then learn to prioritize; the experience you will get from volunteering with ACE and attending the events will be the best thing you can do with your time.

Get your ACE student membership today, and make the most out of your school year!

– by Sabrina Licata

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