Posted 24th Sep, 2012

by Andrew Savchyn

by Dana DiTomaso

Since the new ACE site launched in January of 2011, we have blogged seven times (which is approximately once every 87 days). We can do better.

As we are an advertising club, the topics covered will generally fall under the advertising umbrella. But hey, that’s a pretty big umbrella!

Our five core values support our reasoning for stepping up our bloggin’ game.


We believe in the power of ideas. An idea not shared is perhaps an idea wasted. We think highly of our ideas, and we value yours as well. We bet that you’re passionate too, and we invite you to please share your topic ideas and guest post submissions with us.


We want to make a real difference. Often relevance is tied to timely delivery, so instead of waiting for an ACE event to roll around, we want a place where we can communicate with our audience in the moment. Ok, ok – we’ve had the place for a while now, but we want to start using it.


We are serious about what we do. Seven posts in 609 days doesn’t showcase a professional use of this blog. Pamella Heikel, Randy Brososky, Joyce Byrne, and Landis Donahue (and hopefully some of you) will be sharing the editorial load. Keep reading to find out more about our bloggers!


We’re behind our industry. We believe in our industry and the people who make up the advertising community in Edmonton. We want you to know about the cool things ACEmembers are doing. We want to support students and all members by consistently sharing the ins and outs of the advertising industry in Edmonton. We encourage student blog submissions as well!


We love art. Creativity is the driving force behind much of what we do. We hope that our posts (and yours) inspire creativity in the community. We all perceive art in different ways, and find creativity through a variety of outlets, and we hope to share a diverse representation of the creativity that Edmonton thrives on.

Don and Beth McIntyre started the ad club in 1977 with an emphasis on learning and education, both in the formal and informal sense. When we write, we educate each other. When we share, we learn together . When we discuss, we open our minds and refine our ideas.

Please read, discuss, and share your ideas on our blog so that the vision and spirit the club was built on continue to inspire the current and future generations of ad clubbers.

Our Bloggers

Randy Brososky
Randy is the Chief Rogue and Bottlewasher of the Group of Rogues – a nimble marketing and communications agency. He is also an actor, a self-proclaimed ‘incentivist’, a fire-breather, an amateur iPhonographer and he likes cheese.

Joyce Byrne
Joyce Byrne is Vice-President, Associate Publisher of Alberta Venture. In 2008 she chaired the ACE Awards, and in 2012 she was elected Vice-President of the National Magazine Awards Foundation. Joyce loves awards galas, getting involved with planning and hosting whenever she can, because she believes celebrating excellence builds community and makes our work better, whether it’s editorial and design or advertising and marketing.

Dana DiTomaso
Dana is the President of Kick Point, a digital marketing agency based in Edmonton. She’s also the ACE Communications Chair, co-organizer of Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners and theCBC Edmonton AM weekly technology columnist. Sometimes she naps.

Landis Donahue
I have a passion for the written and spoken word, but above all forms, I have always found a desire to thrive in the advertising world. If I could create an advertisement for anything related to Batman, or any superhero for that matter, my life would be fulfilled.

Pamella Heikel
Pamella Heikel lives and breathes (good) communication. As Cool Communications’principal, she brings a cool twist to branding, strategy, and media relations, and social media, as well as over 12 years of industry experience.

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