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About the Event
This year, ACE is partnering with nabs West to host the annual Student Speed Mentoring evening sponsored by Vision Creative. This event gives students a chance to ask all the questions and connect with industry members.

How Does it Work?
Industry mentors and students will be paired up and go through 1-on-1 10-minute speed sessions. Students will have the opportunity to ask mentors questions about their career experiences and the industry as a whole. The intention is to keep this a casual atmosphere with great conversation over some drinks and snacks.

Who Can Attend?
This event is for students interested in a career in advertising. Whether you are in a design program, in the midst of completing an undergrad in marketing/communications or in your first year of post secondary, this event is for you!

Who Are the Mentors?
Mentors have been invited to participate in this event based on their willingness to share their industry experience and knowledge and their diverse career backgrounds. The mentor group is made up of individuals from various advertising agencies and in-house marketing and communications teams.

Who are ACE and nabs?
ACE is Edmonton’s professional body for advertising. We’re here to promote the industry and support our student and industry members through involvement in the community, professional development initiatives and opportunities for people within the  industry to connect.

nabs is a registered charity specifically designed to support the health and well-being of all individuals in the Marketing, Media, and Communications industry in Canada. Nabs has supported the industry across Canada for over 40 years and provides a variety of services related to mental health, career essentials, financial literacy and DEI and parenting.

Our shared passion for providing mentorship opportunities to students has us excited to be teaming up to provide an evening for students and industry members to connect over a shared interest in all things advertising.

This event is sponsored by Vision Creative, an Edmonton based advertising agency that has been around for over 30 years. Vision’s involvement in the industry and passion for bringing people together is what makes it exciting for them to support this year’s Student Speed Mentoring event!

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