Stephanie Kegalj : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

About Me

Hi! I'm Stephanie. I started in advertising back in 2017 at AutoCanada when I was offered a job in the marketing department. I had no previous experience or training in media buying or advertising, and to be quite frank, I never thought I'd end up here. So here I am! I've been in love with advertising since and haven't looked back. I started freelancing under Cue2Convert in 2019. It started as part-time as I was still working for other agencies full-time. I've decided to make myself a full-time freelancer and contractor as of September 2022. I've always known I wanted to work for myself, as my dad had started his own company back in the early 2000s. I typically work with lead gen and ecommerce clients, but can work with just about anyone. đź‘Ą Advertising budgets I typically work with range from $2,500 to $500K/mo.

Qualifications, Specialization or Skills

I graduated from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2017. My specialties are Google Search, Display, YouTube ads, as well as Meta. I prefer working with clients who are keen like me and want to grow their business. I mean, what business doesn't? I've worked with so many different clients in my full-time and freelance work including service/trades, e-commerce/DTC, beauty, B2B, real estate & property management firms, and more. I've helped a service client grow YoY with Google Search ads and achieve a 4X ROAS from Apr to Nov 2021. This same client received 30% more leads than they had the previous year.

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