Braden Bierkos : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

Availability: April 17, 2023

*Paid Internship is mandatory

About Me

Hey there! I’m a creative-minded Web Designer at Web3 Marketing. I am also a fourth-year Undergraduate at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, that thrives on finding creative solutions to any problem. A long-term goal of mine is to develop a career as a Creative Director post-graduation. I’m confident that my skill set, competitive edge, attention to detail, and passion for design will largely contribute to achieving my future plans.

Related Experience

Web3 Marketing / Web Designer 3204 Parsons Rd NW #201, Edmonton, AB T6N 1M2 As a Web Designer at Web3, an Edmonton-based marketing agency specializing in web design, SEO, brand identity, and digital marketing, I have a proven track record of delivering successful design projects for a range of clients. • Created an average of three major websites per month, as well as minor design updates and client design requests • Demonstrated expertise in typography and graphic design principles for client projects, creating websites for cross-platform experiences (web, tablet, and mobile) • Brought forth advanced experience working with typography and graphic design principles • Proficient in using WordPress to update website designs, ensuring alignment with overall design and branding • Consult with clients to establish the overall look, graphic elements, and content of communications materials • Optimize website pages for search engines to improve website traffic • Manage multiple projects simultaneously and deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines

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