Hayden Carkner : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

Availability: August 19, 2023

*Paid Internship is mandatory

About Me

🎨 UI/UX Designer & Creative Entrepreneur 🚀

Hey there, I'm Hayden Carkner – a UI/UX designer and creative entrepreneur based in Edmonton, AB. With a passion for crafting seamless user experiences and captivating designs, I'm all about merging creativity with strategy.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Design at Grant MacEwan University, I'm skilled in translating ideas into visually compelling illustrations and creating brand identities that resonate. My background in customer service and art instruction adds a unique touch to my design approach.

As a small business owner, I understand the vital role of effective branding and marketing. Let's connect and explore how I can contribute to your marketing and design projects. Excited to collaborate and create! ✨


Open to connecting with fellow designers, marketers, and all-around creative minds. 🌈🎉 #UIUX #Branding #Illustration

Related Experience

🎨 UI/UX Designer & Creative Marketer 🚀 Hello, I'm Hayden Carkner, a dynamic UI/UX designer and creative marketer hailing from Edmonton, AB. My journey started in customer service at recreational facilities, where I developed an acute understanding of user needs. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Design at Grant MacEwan University, my passion lies in shaping exceptional user experiences, crafting persuasive communications, and bringing designs to life that make a lasting impact. Having worn multiple hats, from facilitating engaging customer interactions to teaching as an art instructor at day camps, I have a unique perspective on design that marries empathy with innovation. Running a small business where I curate original art and prints has given me a hands-on grasp of branding and advertising. I'm skilled in leveraging visual storytelling to create consistent, appealing brand identities. Let's connect and explore how my diverse background can elevate your projects. I'm ready to blend my UI/UX expertise with creative marketing strategies to deliver results that stand out. ✨

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