In The Business Of: Cause Marketing : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

On this episode of In The Business of Something, our guest is Breanne Kraus, Director of Communications & Marketing at Alberta Cancer Foundation. We sit down with Breanne to learn about the world of cause marketing through the lens of a non-profit organization leading cancer research and patient support in our province.  It’s a complex role full of variety that takes you from intimate stories of cancer patients, to breakthrough discoveries,  funding announcements, and major gifts. 

We learn about Breanne’s journey to finally discovering a career that fulfills her every day and how she ended up there after years of searching. From working in publishing to startups, entrepreneurship and finally volunteering for ACF which led to much more. 

Breanne is living proof that every job has a lesson to teach you, and it’s all building to something bigger and better that will come eventually if you stay patient, curious, and committed. 

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