In The Business Of: Problem Solving (Design Studio Version) : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

On this episode of In The Business of Something, we are joined by not one but TWO wonderful people, Jeff Caron and Sophie Maisonneuve from Sonder Creative.  This dynamic duo leads a small but mighty design studio here in Edmonton that specializes in branding, web design, and development. 

This episode is hosted by ACE Podcast Chair Josh Radostits and ACE Past President Pablo Herrra Cruz.

Josh and Pablo sit down with Jeff and Sophie, friends of ACE, to learn about the journey of starting Sonder Creative to step outside the typical ‘lanes’ of a traditional agency and embrace a more hands-on approach throughout the entire project process. We learn about the benefits of working in a smaller shop, managing a creative partnership, and the constant struggle between entrepreneurial spirit and process. 

Jeff and Sophie share their journeys getting into the marketing world, including Jeff’s fully-suited stint at a print shop in town, and what they were both missing when they ended up taking the leap to do their own thing.

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