Posted 10th May, 2013

by Andrew Savchyn

by Michael Brechtel

The ACE board is one of the few I’ve seen where everyone works, hard. Every year, about half of us depart, and we bring on a new, energetic group of people to administer what is one of the oldest advertising industry associations in Canada. I’m excited. We’ve got tremendous people putting their names forward and I can’t wait to work with those who are successful in next week’s election.

I know I’m sort of jumping the gun here (I’m not actually president for another week), but next year I’m hoping we can look back a bit. At a table made up of people who are the future of the industry, I’d love to take some time to look back at the industry as it was. That, and we’ll continue what has become a great series of PD events – Cultivate. Our first event with the 2013/2014 board will be June 13, featuring one of the leaders of integrated digital advertising – Clark Kokich the Chairman of Razorfish.

2013/2014 is shaping up really nicely.

And – for what you were really looking for in this post – these people have expressed their interest in joining the board next year:

For Vice President:
Darren Tonn – Incite

For Board Positions:
Ben Archer – RED The Agency
Randy Brososky – Group of Rogues
Claire Devaney – Hybrid Forge
Julian Faid – SAMU (Grant MacEwan)
Sarah Jackson – Sarah Jackson Creative
Christina Melnychuk – Western Living Magazine
Paul Letourneau – DDB
Jordan Mair – Calder Bateman
Aasttha Khajuria – Tom Harris

And – if you haven’t registered for the AGM – make sure to do that.

If you can’t make it, please consider voting via proxy. The proxy form can be found here.You can send your completed proxy form along with another member or email it to

See you Wednesday.

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