The Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE) respects the privacy of our members and is committed to protecting your personal information. In this privacy statement, “personal information” means information that you provide directly to us. Usually, this includes things like your name, contact information and where you work. Typically you provide this information when registering for membership, events or volunteering.

Membership application and renewal information is collected and maintained as part of a secure database. ACE makes every effort to ensure that information is accurate. Members have access to their own information in the database and are allowed to update it to make sure it is accurate and choose how much of their information is displayed on the site. Go to the Member Login page, enter your username and password and click on “My profile.” Be sure to click “save” at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

In order to offer and provide the services and privileges to which members are entitled, ACE must collect, use and disclose information in relation to its members. As we do so, we make the following commitments:

We will only collect personal information necessary to provide the services specifically requested.

We do not collect, use or disclose personal information about a member without the consent of the member, except where required by law.

We maintain the security and confidentiality of the information furnished by our members according to the strictest standards.

Please Note: Your ACE membership password is your gateway to many benefits and services. We ask that you guard it carefully and do not share it with others.

We will from time to time review and revise our Privacy Policy, and any amendments will be implemented as soon as reasonably possible in our organization and on our web site.If you have any further questions or comments about privacy issues, please send an email to