The ACE Student Workshop… What are you waiting for?

Posted 23rd Nov, 2015

by Ace Communications


  • Looking for a chance to take your course knowledge to the next level?
  • Interested in an opportunity to work closely under the direction and mentorship of a highly regarded industry professional?
  • Searching for an experience to add to your resume that can help you stand out in the job hunt?

If you haven’t signed up for the ACE Student Workshop… What are you waiting for?


Whether you’re a business student, a design student or a post secondary student of any kind interested in advertising, this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet and learn about the industry. I’m grateful for my experience with the ACE Student workshop for many reasons and I want to share my story with as many students as possible. After all, it was the connections I made and the experience I gained through the Student Workshop that helped me land an exciting position in an industry I’ve always dreamed to be a part of.

I was in my third year of the BComm program at MacEwan when I first heard of the Ad Club of Edmonton. As a marketing major, I had the opportunity to work with local businesses through my course work and was learning a lot about strategy and developing marketing plans. But, once we handed over our reports, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like to take our recommendations to the next level. So, when my instructor passed along the opportunity to sign up for the ACE Student Workshop, I saw this as a chance to apply my knowledge and get to see my ideas come to life.

I signed up for the 2014 ACE Student Workshop, and was given the chance to work with an accomplished organization that is so influential in our community – the YMCA. At the kick off meeting, I was excited to meet a lot of other like-minded students from Edmonton post-secondary institutions. Even more re-assuring, was how welcoming each of the industry professionals were, eager to share their knowledge, mentor and inspire students such as myself. Throughout the workshop I was given the opportunity to partner with MacEwan Design student, (now Digital Designer at Leo Burnett) Travis Miller and be mentored by Calder Bateman’s Ryan Kenny – Check them out!

The experience I gained in working with both Travis and Ryan in the ACE Student Workshop is something I wont forget. Getting the chance to collaborate with such a talented, hard-working designer such as Travis, sparked my fascination for a field that unites the world of business and creativity. The insight, direction and expertise Ryan shared both strategically and creatively, was extremely influential in my decision to pursue a career in the Advertising industry.

So, if YOU want the opportunity to have some fun and be inspired – What are you waiting for? Email to sign up for the ACE Student Workshop by November 20th December 3rd! And be part of an invaluable experience to begin your journey in the world of Advertising.

Thank you to ACE Award’s Co- Chair- Claire Devaney, who was such an important part of making the 2014 Student Workshop a wonderful experience. To learn more and see the 2014 winning campaign, check out Claire’s blog.

Thank you to Membership/Student Liason – Wendy Mulder, for asking me to share my story. The 2016 Student Workshop participants are very fortunate to be able to work with you through this awesome opportunity.

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