Guest Post by Carto: The Importance of recharging – Wherever and Whenever : The Advertising Club of Edmonton

At Carto, we want our team out of the office, lying on a beach, climbing a mountain, visiting family. Whatever we each find enjoyable, really. We think it’s important to refresh and recharge when needed, so we offer everyone unlimited vacation from the get-go. You might fall into one of two camps of reactions we get about this. The Hooray! Sounds awesome camp. Or the Hmm, that can’t work camp. You Hoorays seem satisfied where you are, so we’ll leave you alone and focus on the Hmms.

How does any work get done if everyone is allowed to pack up and go whenever they want? Doesn’t it lower productivity? Just the opposite actually. Respecting everyone’s autonomy to create their own schedules and get their work done leads to happy, creative and productive people. But don’t people tend to take less vacation when it’s unlimited? We definitely still have structure and guidelines. No one is just peacing out without booking time in advance, checking the calendar and completing tasks. We also do quarterly reviews to keep track of performance, celebrate the highs and work on the lows. We’ve found that we all still take at least the standard two to three weeks offered in most workplaces and often take more days off here and there because life happens.

We’re proud that our work culture represents us so well. Maybe it could work for you, too. Stop by Carto anytime and we’ll tap the keg. We’re always here to chat over a beer, coffee or snacks. Unless we’re on vacation.

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