Posted 13th Jan, 2011

by Andrew Savchyn

Welcome to the new Advertising Club of Edmonton! The changes you see today reflect the new energy around the club – membership levels are up, new events are planned and we’re growing as an industry.

First – the site. We were happy to work with Lift Interactive to develop a new that is now more functional, flexible and representative of who we are as a club. For starters, we’ve streamlined access to important things like events, job postings and the membership directory. There’s also a much smoother ACE Awards system in place to help manage this important part of the Club’s business.

Second – the visual identity. We have re-designed the Ad Club of Edmonton logo to be more modern, dynamic and representative of the creativity within each of our members. The identity respects our history while allowing us to move forward as leaders in our industry. It reflects many themes, but most importantly it embodies cross-discipline collaboration, resulting in the sum being greater than its parts. The meeting of arrows literally creates another shape – the triangle – through the overlap of individuals. It’s a subtle nod to our history, and with a clean, bold typeface, it sends us forward with confidence.

A huge thanks to Dennis Lenarduzzi, Darren Tonn and Ryan Kenny for all their hard work on the brand.

Let us know what you think – please contact Sarah James at or Ryan Kelly at

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